Your device might have a frozen screen that doesn’t respond when you attempt to launch artworks or access the on-screen menu. Or maybe your device begins to turn on, but gets stuck during startup. These steps can help:

First, try to force your device to shutdown

Forcing your device to shutdown won't erase the content currently on your device.
You can force your device to shutdown even if your screen is black or your Wireless Remote buttons aren't responding.

To force shutdown a FRAMED Device: Press and hold both the Power Button for at least ten seconds, until the screen turns off.

Second, power on your device

Press and hold the Power Button for at least three seconds, until the FRAMED logo appears on-screen.

Third, launch an artwork

Launch an artwork by either pressing the Up / Down button on your Wireless Remote, or via your「Collection」online.

If your device turns on but gets stuck during start up

You might see the FRAMED logo or a black screen for a long time during startup. Try these steps:

  1. Force shutdown your FRAMED Device (again).

  2. Immediately after the logo appears, press the Menu button on your Wireless Remote and select「Shutdown」.

  3. Power on you FRAMED Device. 

If your device repeatedly crashes and won't respond

Contact FRAMED Support [ ] to set up service if you have any of these issues:

  • You still see a black screen after forcing shutdown, or following the steps in this article.

  • You see a black screen, but you can hear beeps or sounds when launching artworks or pressing buttons on your Wireless Remote.

  • Your screen is on, but it doesn't respond when you launch artworks or press buttons on your Wireless Remote.

  • You can't force your device to shutdown because your Power Button is broken or stuck.

  • Your device is repeatedly stuck on the FRAMED logo, displays a black screen, or won't power on at all.

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