Your device might have a broken Power Adapter or a loose connection that doesn’t respond when you attempt to power on FRAMED. These steps can help:

First, check if the Power Adapter is working properly

A properly working Power Adapter will have a steady (non-flashing) green light when plugged into a wall-socket, even if the power cable is not connected to a FRAMED Device. 

If your Power Adapter has a flashing green light, or does not light at all when plugged into a wall-socket, contact FRAMED Support [ ] to arrange for a replacement.

Second, check if the power cable is properly connected

If your Power Adapter is working, proceed to check if the power connector is properly connected to your FRAMED device by unplugging, then plugging it back into your FRAMED device.

Third, power on your FRAMED Device

Press and hold the Power Button for at least three seconds, until the FRAMED logo appears on-screen.

If your device still doesn't turn on

Contact FRAMED Support [ ] to set up service if you have any of these issues:

  • You can't force your device to shutdown because your Power Button is broken or stuck.

  • You received a replacement Power Adapters that is also, not working properly.

  • You have tried all of the above with no results (this is likely a faulty connector on the FRAMED Device and requires a replacement). 

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