If your FRAMED Device is not responding to your Wireless Remote, or is not responding accordingly to the correct button actions, these steps can help:

Check if your Wireless Remote is sufficiently charged

A sufficiently charged Wireless Remote will have a steady green light when turned on. If the light is dim or does not come on at all, plug your Wireless Remote into a PC or Mac with the provided USB cable and charge it for roughly one hour.

If your Wireless Remote is responding, but button presses cause unexpected actions on your FRAMED Device 

Try double clicking the laser-pointer (top button), then press the menu button to see if your Wireless Remote has reverted to responding to the correct button actions.

If your Wireless Remote still won't respond

If you've tried all of the above steps and your Wireless Remote continues to be unresponsive, contact FRAMED Support [support@frm.fm] and arrange for a replacement unit. 

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