What to prepare:

FRAMED Device (FRAMED 24" or MONO X7)

PC or Mac computer

USB Drive

Getting started:

  1. On your PC or Mac browser, visit https://frm.fm and sign in to your FRAMED account.

  2. Once you’ve signed in, go to Device Settings at: https://frm.fm/settings/devices.

  3. Click NEW SETUP to set up a new device.

  4. Enter your desired Device Name, Wi-Fi Network SSID and Wi-Fi Password.

  5. Click NEXT to continue.

  6. On the QR Code page, click DOWNLOAD SETTINGS.

A file named: frm_script.xml will be downloaded to your computer.

  1. Place frm_script.xml into the root of your USB drive.

  2. Plug the USB drive into your FRAMED device.

  3. Power on your FRAMED device (or reboot if it’s already on) to begin Wi-Fi setup via USB.

  4. Once「Welcome to FRAMED」is displayed, setup is complete.

You can now control your FRAMED device with the web app at frm.fm.

  1. Sign in to your FRAMED account at https://frm.fm.

  2. Tap an artwork in Feed or Collection.

  3. Select which device to display on by tapping on the Device Name.

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